Cozumel Luxury Yacht Rentals Private Charter

Cozumel Yacht Rentals

Private yacht charter in Cozumel, explore the amazing reef over a comfortable luxury yacht and snorkel or scuba dive the incredible submarine world with a large variety of marine life, choral reef and more. We have the best Yachts for rent in Cozumel and the best service on board. 

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Don Clemente Yacht Rental in Cozumel

This yacht takes off from the port of Cozumel, a tourist Island in front of Playa del Carmen. It´s a 7 hours tour where you will have time to snorkel…

$1,250 USD /7 Hours

Cozumel Luxury Yacht Rentals for Private Charter Sea Ray 60 Feet

Sea Ray 60 Yacht Rentals in Cozumel

Cozumel Yacht Rental This sea ray 60 feet is in Cozumel, so if you are there we can pick you up there to go snorkeling…

$350 USD/Hour